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Our villa

Villa „Komfortita“ - excellent place to spend peaceful vacations or events. House is located near by lake „Striupys“, there is no other residential houses around, and main building is situated only 15 metres from the lake, which territory is 12 hectares. This is very cosy and quiet place for people who want to spend time in country side with nowadays quality of life.

We offer visitors to spend quality time in our place having various events, using  Russian bath, floating with two seated water bicycle or 3 seated boat, fishing and right here smoking the catch. Our place may accommodate 20 people. There are special area for children, where they can swing, play basketball or football. There is a bridge which is 30 metres long, and on nightime is lightened. Everybody is invited to the bath, where 10 people may be using it at once. Parking lot is for 5 cars and it may be locked. 

Without mentioned things visitors will find few more comforts :

Residents will always be met by friendly and helpful home owners – cosiness cleanliness and quietness is guaranteed. We accomodate residents all year around. Let us to make your holidays relaxing and find your second home.

We accomodate residents with peaceful and polite pets.



Price for renting a villa is negotiable, we kindly ask to contact us for more information!


Villa  “Komfortita” is 19 kilometers behind from Utena city to Ignalina direction. There is only two kilometres of country road which leads to the villa. Road is in very good condition to drive in any time of the year.  

Buitunai village, Utena, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 686 79922
Tel.: +370 610 03918